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What is Listcrawler and is it worth using?

Listcrawler has for years been one of the popular yet most controversial choices if escort services are what you were looking for. It is on the same levels as titans like Craigslist, although people have somewhat lost faith in this website for several reasons. The basic Listcrawler is pretty good, but the branch is rather questionable.

There are many variations of this service, and they are pretty effective in both providing you escort services and making sure you are given a worthy place to provide services. It wouldn’t have that many regular users if the services they provide were pathetic in comparison to others in the trade.

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But sure, there are certain difficulties – mostly with the European counterpart. It’s still very much worth using – especially since it’s one of the biggest services on the European market. You need to know a few things before jumping in, however.

What is Listcrawler at all?

Listcrawler has been around since 1997, and they’ve been only growing since then. It’s one of the biggest escort services online. Escort service is not the same as just the dating website. The percentage of people looking for a relationship here is miniscule – the website is focused on professional sex services instead.

What it means is that you are able to go through the lists of applications of sorts. Each application is an escort provider, and you get to examine the details about them – just enough to start talking to them about what they have to offer or pass the application. Unlike on, say, Tinder, you get all the candidates right before you.

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It’s called Listcrawler for a reason – the website is built around a search algorithm that can be used to find escort workers in your area. It’s not an obscure range of some km around you – the system revolves around cities, like in other similar websites.

The European version on exists specifically to accommodate customers and providers from Europe. Since they have a specific place to go, you’ll find many more options in any given European city than you would in this same place on the usual Listcrawler. Although the latter wasn’t just designed for Americans, the majority of users there are Americans.

The former, by contrast, has been opened for the residents of Europe in particular. Therefore, it’s much either to find the European providers on – not just in comparison to other Listcrawler versions, but also to many other European escort services.

How does it operate?

The website is an open access platform where both escort providers and regular users can register to either sell or buy services. Although most of the users are people who willingly left their info here, some might be borrowed from other similar websites. So, in this sense Listcrawler acts as an intermediary.

In professional sense, it’s called an ‘aggregator’, and is partially that. Using the data from their own visitors as well as users from other platforms, Listcrawler gives you an initial list of candidates based on your:

1. Location

2. Possible spoken language

How does Listcrawler operate
Using Listcrawler Site

Because the website gives you the most high-rated candidates inside an initial list (among those living nearby, of course), Listcrawler is often suspected of giving you fake options that will surely scam and cheat you. Even though such people can certainly visit the website, seeing that it’s an open access service, Listcrawler doesn’t show them because they are cheaters.

Catching scammers is a priority, but you should also look after yourself. If the profile’s rating has been artificially inflated without any sort of suspicious action, only users can be vigilant enough to report the cheaters and scammers

How do I use Listcrawler?

As you already know, Listcrawler uses lists you provide you with various escort candidates (hence the name). You can certainly adjust these lists to better fit your preferences, and there are several aspects that can be adjusted by you on

1. Location (down to a city);

2. Age;

3. Gender

There are also minor parameters, but it’s generally what you’ll be working with. It’s done to simplify the experience for any sort of user, and this approach very much succeeds. Listcrawler (all versions) is largely regarded as one of the simplest solutions to look for escort with.

Using Listcrawler Effectively
Active Use of Listcraler

The way you are presented with options is pretty much what you expect judging by the name. You crawl through the lists, and find possible matches along the way. This is how the usual search goes:

1. You enter the preferred parameters into the search menu;

2. You are given the list of applications left by the people that match your parameters;

3. They are sorted like the news feed on Facebook or other social networks – there are the most recent applications at the top, followed by the older ones;

4. If one of the applications appealed to you, you contact whoever left it and see if you see eye to eye.

The applications are shown alongside the time when they were left and united into day categories for better digestion. This layout is a lot like what freelance marketplaces (such as Fiverr, for instance) use. That fits the purpose of the website very well – it’s as much a workplace for the SWs as a marketplace for customers.

Each application is obviously accompanied by a photo from the person who left it. They may not be real, as you understand. However, you are in complete control when it comes to contacting the people from the applications.

If one of these applications pleased you, you can simply send a message to an author, and you’ll get all the details in order. Set the date, details, rules, requirement and payment size – there are no restrictions in this sense. The provider sets their own rules, of course – but it’s all negotiable.

And if you were left unsatisfied by the job – you can leave a review detailing what happened. If it was a scam in the end – just report the person and the staff will get to the bottom of it. Usually the scammers have lots of evidence against them.

What’s bad about

There have been many positive things mentioned about this service until now. Because this is an objective review, the negative aspects also need to be mentioned. A quick overview: the European Listcrawler is rather inferior than other incarnations of this service, but it’s still worth using.

Listcrawler Advantages And Disadvantages
Pros And Cons Of Listcrawler

There are several aspects in particular that need improving:

1. Dated design;

2. Few filter settings;

3. Low quality of candidates of average

Let’s go over them one-by-one then.

Design problems

Design hasn’t been updated for a long time. Whereas other apps and websites with the similar purpose have been regularly improved both in terms of attractiveness and practicality, seems to be forgotten. Even its cousings, such as, have been improved greatly.

That website in particular is easy to navigate and use. Craigslist meanwhile has introduced its own app that works like radar, on which you can find matches by look at the map of your surroundings, and not just a list of people. It’s a great concept, and it was implemented specifically because the owners cared to keep up.

While the competitors and other Listcrawler versions have been constantly worked upon, the European branch has been stuck in the 2000s, by the looks of it.

Listcrawler Disadvantages
Problems Of Listcrawler

The main menu (where the searching is done) is restricted to a small window in the centre of your screen. Working with this is doable, but if they cared to expand it and include worthwhile information inside the space that suddenly became useful, they would’ve improved the experience for many users dramatically.

In addition, the smaller design choices (such as font, text placement, and coloring) look off target now that Web-designers figured out how to make pleasant-looking websites. 

Of course, a lot of people don’t care about appearance as long as service does its job well. And it does. However, it could potentially do much better – considering how well the other services are doing with their design choices. Space use would improve, people would visit the website more often and stay for longer. 

If this complaint doesn’t seem deserved or critical to you, then it’s quite alright – everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And it’s not like the design choices impair the actual performance, it just ruins the potential and makes the website pale in contrast to others.

Filter settings

It’s also not a very crucial drawback. The present settings deliver the results. But again, if you came to this website after visiting some other, more modern platform, you wouldn’t be impressed. You can generally only change the age and the city as general settings. The gender is more-or-less an option, but because the majority of providers are female, it’s not too important.

It’s also not possible to sort by smaller divisions, such as districts. While sorting by cities and towns is good enough, arranging a deal within a bigger city (in London, for instance) becomes a challenge, unless the provider themselves point out where in London they live – i.e. mention their address, at least approximately.

Setup Settings On Listcrawler
Setup Your Settings

This is where the more precise sorting settings get extremely useful, especially considering how much a lot of people in Europe have been struck by the Pandemic. Arranging a meeting from far away won’t feel like a sensible choice for most people at least for another few years. That’s why precise sorting is very welcome nowadays.

It saves time but delivers pretty much the same results, just much quicker. Eventually, you will find a perfect match by literally crawling through each candidate and asking where they provide services. But it’s so much better when you can do it quickly. In this sense, seems a bit out of touch with the time.

Low quality of candidates

It’s not that providers or customers are universally dishonest, incompetent or scary. The website attracts a lot of people, and the policy regarding admitting new users in is generally very lenient within the service. All of it increases the overall pool of users inside the website, but it also makes it easy for low-quality users to enter.

Moreover, Listcrawler is amongst the first names that come up when you search for an escort service. That’s why it’s also a good place to start your career as a cheat. Don’t get the wrong idea – it’s hard to set up a fake account on the website. However, if you went and set up a meeting with a dishonest person and were, for instance, robbed afterwards, the website can’t make the person return your money – only ban the account.

Cute Listcrawler Candidates
Only High Quality Candidates

So, everything that happens outside of the website is not also outside its jurisdiction. There are extensive rules that promoted decency and good conduct about the users, but it ends right after you arrange the meeting. That’s why you need to be very careful, vigilant, double-check everything and not trust as easily.

So, it’s pretty much true – it’s not particularly hard to get scammed on if you try to be scammed. You can be in just the same peril if you aren’t careful on other websites, there are just more people in this particular place, and because more people know about it, it’s also where aspiring scammers choose to go.

In conclusion

The European Listcrawler could be better, but you could come to that conclusion without an extensive review to help you. Of course, it remains amongst the best solutions if you want to look for pick-ups in your European city. However, if you know you can achieve the same results using one of the worldwide Listcrawlers, go right ahead.

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Date Women Form Everywhere

The borders with these services are hazy anyway – there are lots of Americans on, and there are even more Europeans on the main Listcrawler website. If the downsides listed both did seem like crucial downsides to you, then you may consider using other Listcrawlers for the similar results but in a much more convenient and quick form.